Malvasía Volcánica

Came from the Greek Islands in the sixteenth century from Madeira and has become the main grape variety grown in Lanzarote.

It is believed that it was named after the port from where it started to colonize the Mediterranean coast, the port of Monembasía in the Peloponnese.

It is a grape that is vinified from old.

He said that in 1478 George, Duke of Clarence and brother of King Edward IV of England asked drowning in a butt of Malmsey in the Tower of London, where he was imprisoned for treason.

Shakespeare and other authors also praised in numerous quotes the Canary, Canary wines made from grapes Malvasia.

In Lanzarote we have a differentiated clone called Volcanic Malvasia, is characterized by a creeping plant ideal for hiding from the wind behind the souks of stone pits Lanzarote.

Very productive and early harvest your collection begins in late July.


Also called Bujariego, Verijadiego or Vijariego, is native to southern peninsular, where it still can be found in the highlands of La Alpujarra.

It is disease resistant, high sugar and acid content.

Dry wines produced in the mouth, nose and powerful long life in bottle.

It is a late variety that is collected in mid-September.


For the most part of Alexandria Roman although there are some Grano Menudo or Morisco.

Usually century plants were grown in cracks produced on freezing seas of lava covering part of the island or holes made by hand in them, called "chavocos", which can reach a depth of 4 meters.

The grapes are mainly used to produce sweet wines usually reach maturity in mid-September, although it is common practice in plant or raisined sobremadurar the sun and get well enough sugar to make naturally sweet wines.

Listan Negra

Also called Listán Prieto, Almuñeco or Forastera is the quintessential red variety of Lanzarote, apparently originating in southern peninsular, where it is called Mollar Cano, however, very little is present in its area of ​​origin but has a significant presence on the continent American missionaries introduced where during the conquest of wine provided for their masses.

So in California and Baja California is called Mission to Chile and Argentina Country Creole.

Usually ripen in early September and produces wines soft middle layer and very aromatic.


There are many other grape varieties producing minority white Listán, Gual, Albillo, Burra White Negramoll, Mulata, Tintilla, Common Black and other non-scheduled in many cases that remained in the cultures of Lanzarote yet disappeared or decreased much cultivation on the mainland by the changes caused by the phylloxera plague.

Wealth is enormous variety of Lanzarote and challenging to study and cataloging.


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