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For centuries, the winery belonged to one of the most important families of Lanzarote but plunged into inactivity for a long time.  

In 2001, at the dawn of a new century, the winery reopened their doors to galvanize a new impulse under a new management team, with strong knowledge of cultivating and bringing special care to the grapes, long family tradition, and experience of winemaking. Within a few years later, it became one of the top oenological leaders of the island.

Outstanding Grape

Makes Great Wine

It is the pillar foundation on which lies the quality of our wine. Wine is made from grapes and all our craftsmanship in winemaking is useless if we do not first honor this truth.

Therefore, at Bodegas Los Bermejos, we are restless in aiming all our efforts and endeavors, working hand in hand with our grapes growers to obtain only the finest grapes, in order to produce great wine.

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Undoubtedly, the island of Lanzarote is our best ally, providing us with outstanding and unbeatable conditions to achieve the uniqueness of our wine.

Everything is given in our land: From the singularity of the climate, the volcanic nature of the soil, the grapes varieties to the unprecedented way of cultivating the grapes.

All we must do is bottle the juice that emerges from the fermented grapes, without any manipulation, transformation nor enhancement. Our wines simply reflect the richness of our land, our landscapes, and the efforts of our cultivators.


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Please contact us for more information about our winery or wines.


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